Template Addons


Template Addons

List template addons

GET /v2/blueprint/template_addons

It lists all available template addons.




An array of template addons with the following format:

Field Type Description
id String Identifier of the template addon.
name String Name of the template addon.
description String Description of the template addon.
generic_image_ids Array of Strings Identifier of the OS images that the template addon builds on.
run_list Array of strings A list of cookbook recipes that is applied on the servers.
configuration_attributes Object The attributes used to configure the cookbooks in the cookbook_versions list
cookbook_versions Hash of string A set of cookbooks that this template includes. They can be cookbook versions inside the platform or Chef supermarket's cookbooks
state String The state of the template. Values can be ‘created', ‘compiling', ‘ready', ‘compiling_error'
variables Array of string A set of variables referencing other resources that the servers may use.
label_ids Array of strings List of ids corresponding to the labels the template has assigned.
resource_type String An identifier for the type of resource, specifically "template".

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