Configuration Candidates


Configuration Candidates

A configuration candidate represents an AWS organizational unit that can contain inside one or more AWS accounts. Each account can be incorporated inside IMCO as a cloud account, so later on users can manage resources inside them using IMCO. Configuration candidates are generated when a discovery is performed inside a cloud account, and can later be configured in a cloud account to include new cloud accounts inside said cloud account.

List Configuration Candidates

GET /v3/settings/cloud_accounts/:cloud_account_id/configuration_candidates

Lists the configuration candidates inside a cloud account of the customer, given by its cloud_account_id.




An array of configuration candidates, each one of the following format:

Field Type Description
id String Identifier of the cloud account.
cloud_account_id String Identifier of the cloud account whether this candidate comes from.
cloud_provider_id String Identifier of the cloud provider.
name String The logical name for the configuration candidate.
remote_id String Identifier of the configuration candidate on the cloud.
path String Path representing the hierarchy of the organizational unit inside the AWS organization where it belongs.
resource_type String An identifier for the type of resource, specifically "import_candidate".

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