Cluster Plans


Cluster Plans

A cluster plan contains the technical specification of a certain cluster of a certain cloud provider inside a realm.

Show cluster plan

GET /v3/kubernetes/cluster_plans/:id

This action shows the information of a cluster plan identified by the given id.




A cluster plan with the following fields:

Field Type Description
id String Identifier of the cluster plan.
name String Name of the cluster plan.
available_versions String Kubernetes versions that are available for this cluster plan.
max_pods_per_node Integer Maximum number of pods that a node can have.
max_nodes_per_node_pool Integer Maximum number of nodes that a node pool can have.
flavour_provider_name String Name of the flavour.
realm_provider_name String Name of the realm of the cloud provider.
realm_id String Identifier of the realm of the cloud provider.
deprecated Boolean Indicates if the cluster plan is deprecated.
resource_type String An identifier for the type of resource, specifically "cluster_plan".

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